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  The YOUR Party manifesto April 9th 2001
  Written in response to the political malaise in the UK. I sent this to 12 of the Great and Good and just one replied… John Cleese called me from LA. He caught me unawares, and I regret to say my first response was, 'Yeh. Course you are…'. John was so kind, and I have to say he's a lovely man as he 'agreed with every word' and wished me well as he didn't hold the British political system in high esteem - and that from the man who was the face of the SDP when they launched. Funnily enough there is now a party in the UK called YOUR Party… hmmmmm  
Don't label me, enable meDownload the pdf (ysv3.pdf)
ExcaliburDownload the pdf (manifesto 1-10.pdf)
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