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AKA web serendipity, as you're browsing you stumble across something worthwhile… AKA once in a blue moon;-)

  Chavalry, The
It's not always wise to summon them… as Burberry discovered.
Armchair critic armed with his weapon of choice…
  Misterogynist aka They call me MISTER Ogynist
No unreconstituted male would be seen dead being called a Miss-ogynist (but I do know a few ladies who could oblige;-)
Where Reggae and Ribbit meet
Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, but he/she's got to grow up sometime.
If sartorial elegance really is as it seems male dominated…
A term coined to describe a combined strategist and tactician, or if you're really brilliant, more magician.
In a strange coincidence the dot-com was registered within a week of my using it… Great Minds?
Blokes have been writing all our constitutions for years and look where it got us…
I used to own the dot-com and it formed part of a political manifesto applauded by John Cleese…
Read the pdf (ysv3.pdf)
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Accountants kill fairytales!
Do you figure on the Creative Richter Scake?
What inspired John Cleese to call...