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Jackade was born on April Fool’s Day 2003 when 'mild-mannered reporter' Glenn Platt was the victim of a spectacular car crash. The outcome? I redefined the punch line to that old joke: ‘What do you call a man with a car on his head?’

Never one to argue with fate, I adopted the nom de plume Jack, and began writing, or rather, began to see that I was being recognised for my writing and insights. For 21 years it had been my ability to express my ideas through drawing which had been in demand, now my words came of age.

A picture may paint a thousand words, but the natural language interface of search engines is words. Thus words have regained their power. If the pen was mightier than the sword, we can only hope that the mouse will blow away contemporary weapons.
Contrary to progress elsewhere, it's the nature of the 'creative industry' to split disciplines down into minute specialisms. I say specialism schmecialism, but it's like pushing Jack and Jill and their water up the hill. For most a holistic approach is a bit of a joke… even just an acronym… ha, ha, ha.

  However, 'the writer' is respected as a solitary skillsman, or woman.
They may ultimately be edited, but no-one intervenes at the creative stage. When was the last time someone tossed a 27th character into the Western alphabetti spaghetti at the 11th hour just to stir things up? Maybe it's because English is confusing enough, what with the Merkuns having invented their Version 2.0. When is a Beta version not a Beta version, when it's a 'beater' version.
For those interested in hindsight here's a document (2020.pdf) to show I've had my moments. But that's a bit of a 255R 0G 0B Herring against my forward agenda. It's how we go on from here that intrigues me. Progress has been press-ganged into technological confabulation: confabulation being 'The unconscious filling of gaps in one's memory by fabrications that one accepts as facts'. And that memory, being technological, is taking us at RAMming speed towards a future potentially bereft of true human endeavour. It's time for some of us to byte back… the alternative being to herd together in mute acceptance. But that's just adopting a backpack mentality.

  Jackade is a moniker inspired by another Jack Cade:

© jackade aka Glenn Platt 2003-2005
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